Racing sense is horse racing prediction software
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System requirements

System Requirements: IBM compatible PC 486 and above running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 7, 8, 10

Please note: Although Racing sense will run on slower machines we recommend a 486 or Pentium processor with a speed of 100mhz and faster, with at least 8mb. of RAM give best results.

Required Free hard disk space: 300Mb.

Loading Racingsense (SSR132)

To load the Program and data from CD:- Put the CD in the relevant drive. Click on 'My Computer' for Windows 95+ and click on the relevant CD Drive letter.
When disk contents have been read, double-click on the file SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.
On normal computer systems with only one floppy drive and one hard disk, using all the default values is usually the best way to proceed.
The program will prompt you for any variations to the set-up you may wish to make.

If the set-up program stops and warns about other programs running during the installation, close down any Microsoft Office Desk Top tool bars or any Anti Virus software that might be running. They will restart automatically when you restart the machine. The set-up program will create all the relevant directories (C:\Program files\SSR132), icons and program group as necessary.

To run the program

Open the program group SSR1 and click on the running horse icon.
There is a utility included that will repair, de-fragment and compress the database.
If you have any problems contact us via eMail or phone us and we will explain how it all works.

If you need any help, contact Mick Johnson on any of our Simple Software's Numbers:

Mobile: 07802 400425 (Voice or Text). Please use normal office hours (if you can!) and we will be happy to guide you through.

User guide

Full instruction on how to use the software's key functions are included within the "help" section of the programme. However we have included them on this site on request. You can navigate to the relevant pages by clicking here or using the page menu links at the top and bottom of the pages.

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