What is Racing sense?

Racing sense
is the best overall computer program for horse racing yet devised - we say that in terms of what it offers, its price and feedback from our customers. Previously released as "Simple Software Racing" (SSR1). This high quality horse racing prediction program evolved from its forerunner, the book, 'The Solidus' which has been judged a great success by independent reviews in the racing press as well as the feedback received via our mailbag.
'The Solidus' has stimulated a great interest in time as well as on racing theory generally and has provided a very useful reference source on the racecourses and distances in within the UK. Due to the information storage and data analysis power available on computers users of our custom built horse racing program find keeping up with ever changing racing statistics could not be easier. Racing sense is a top quality computer program that boasts a comprehensive database which we update ourselves with the latest horse racing data and sent out updates daily to our customers or if you prefer to compile your own database it functions as a 'stand-alone'.

Why use Racing sense?

Racing sense is the custom built horse racing prediction program formatted specifically with the user in mind,
as a result it is:
User-friendly: This horse racing prediction product is one that you can enjoy using. It is easy to understand and quick to operate.
In response to your questions, thoughts and wishes, the program is designed for quick understanding and ease of use. A minimum amount of effort is required for maximum results. This horse racing prediction product is one that you can enjoy using.
Accurate: Racing sense is an even larger project than 'The Solidus' and further refined. It is simply the most accurate rating system yet devised.
The data in The Solidus is way out of date now. New courses, distances and surfaces have been added since the book was written, so we recalculate all the coefficients daily. Comprehensive: Contains all the information of a good horse racing form book, plus a horse by horse listing, plus extras unique to 'The Solidus'.
Innovative: The database building facilities are unique. The result is top-quality software.
Self-reliance: It took 'The Solidus' author, Davey Towey years to gain the necessary experience and formulate his research. The power of the rating system is fully apparent on computer and greatly simplifies form study. With Racing sense, anyone can become an expert on time FAST.
Value for money: This is an unbeatable price for the best product.

The importance of Speed Ratings

It is necessary to handicap a horse in order to assess its merit relative to other horses. The word 'necessary' can be replaced with 'crucial' once a punting dimensionhas been introduced. The weights in a handicap race of course use the official handicap, where the emphasis is placed on the obvious such as winning or nearly winning and the horse moves up or down a weight scale accordingly. If the system was accurate then, on the case of a handicap, you would expect to have the horses crossing the line together or at least within a length or two with some regularity. Yet how often do we see a photo-finish concern more than two horses? Not very often. More than three horses? Hardly ever. Therefore the official handicap cannot solely be relied upon to assess ability.
If we look at racing in a different sphere, for instance the human athlete racing intrack events. The discussion here is all about the runner's recent times. This is the most revealing pointer to his level of fitness and if fit and running to form, his ability. Where the race is a long distance event the discussion also embraces pace and hence tactics. The commentators make informed observations - 'stretching the field' to inconvenience those with a 'finishing kick'.
Or slowing the pace to hopefully steal the race with a sudden change of pace in the back straight. The reason that the commentators are so reliably informed is that they are usually ex-competitors themselves who can communicate with the contestants, interviewing them before and after the race thus getting it direct from the athlete's mouth! In the case of horse-racing the horse is rarely interviewed therefore a conclusion is more difficult to reach.
The going ruins more predictions than anything else. When athletes race, the surface is largely irrelevant as it is pretty similar from track to track. What does make adifference to an athlete's time is windspeed. It is recognised as so important, that track records are not recognised as valid unless the windspeed is within certain limits. Windspeed is also a factor in horseracing, however, the single most important factor affecting times is the state of the going. To make this meaningful, a going correction must be applied. This piece of information is printed in various publications and is always expressed in seconds per furlong. A going correction expressed as a positive number adjusts the rating upwards whilst a negative number down-grades the performance. Continue>>

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