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Installation Problems

The following messages can occur during installation.

A file on your system is newer than one you are trying to install. Do you want to keep the existing file?

Always keep the newer file. If you don't, an existing program may not work properly. All Windows programs share the same files and they are upgraded continuously. A new version of a Windows file will usually work with older programs. It is very rare, and well documented, if it not the case.

A file that needs to be updated is currently in use. Please re-boot to allow the update. You will not be allowed to attempt the installation again until you do so.

A file you are trying to update is being used and the installation cannot continue. You must stop ALL programs that are running before you start the installation. During the reboot, the Windows file will be updated before the program starts. Stop any background programs, like Virus checkers (Norton, McAfee, etc), network routers/ firewall software (Zone Alarm, Comsocks), Microsoft Office Task Bars and the like. They should all restart when you re-boot after the installation. If that doesn't cure the problem, you can do the install manually. If you extract all the files from the SSR132.CAB file, with WinZip and copy all of them (39) into a directory on your C or D drive. Try the program by double-clicking on it (SSR132.EXE). If it moans about 'cannot find ...OCX or ...DLL, you can register any it will allow you to, with an utility included in the same group of files called REGDLLS.EXE. Just double-click on it and follow the instructions.

Run time Error: ???? Object variable not set.

The main database file is around 700mb (on 21/4/2014) but the installations files are compressed to about 270mb. The installation program copies, and unzips, the files to a temporary directory on your C: drive, before it asks you where you want the program installed. These temporary files are removed after a successful installation. So, if you intend to install the program on the C: drive (the default and the most common), you will need 400mb or so free before you start the installation, even though the program and data only require 700mb. If you run out of disk space during the installation, you may find that the database file has been truncated even if there is a message saying 'Setup Completed OK'. Check the size of the 'SSR.MDB' file if you get the above message. If it is significantly smaller than the required 700mb, you will need to clear some more space on your C: drive and try the installation again. I disk space is really tight, give me a ring. There are things that can be done manually that are a bit fiddly but can bypass Microsoft's installation limitations.

If you need any help, contact Mick Johnson on any of our Simple Software's Numbers:

Mobile: 07802 400425 (Voice or text).

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