Racing sense is horse racing prediction software
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Download Racing sense: The UK's Premiere Horse Racing Prediction Program

To download Racing Sense (SSR132) software
It now includes all the 1st July2016 UK National Hunt distance changes and the new Newcastle(AW) information. (click here)
Data from 1994 to Thursday, 24th March 2020. The file is 398,833,163 Bytes. Check the file size after the download.
Later versions of Windows 10 are a bit of a pain. If you have trouble installing the software, let me know. (I've not been beaten yet!). If you want a free trial of our pure web based version, e-mail me. It has all the information you need to assess a future race.

Please make sure your system meets the
minimum requirements.

Save the file in any directory you like and unzip the file with any Zip program (Pkunzip, Winzip,...). There will be three setup files, Setup.exe, Setup.lst and There is a readme.txt file and a manualsetup.bat file if you need them. Double-click on the Setup.exe program and follow the instructions. A booklet called SSRBook4.pdf, in many different versions, can be found in the installation directory. It will explain all.

If you have missed an update, download the missing update here. I update these after the last race of the day, with the next day`s declarations. Also, Mobile Friendly Web Access and the latest software and database download is available here. (click here)

If you have any questions or queries please contact us by eMail (click here)

This program is designed to run on a windows based system, but the Mobile Friemdly Web Access will work on any mobile device with internet access. It shows the assessment of the day's races and suggested tips. I'm adding more functionality each day.

Warning: This program is protected by all applicable copyright laws.
Please see our Legal page for more info.

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