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Who are Simplesoftware ?

Simple software
is the small but perfectly formed company that designed and built "Racing sense". We are based in Hayes, West London contact us.


Racing sense. Also released as SSR132 (Simple Software Racing 1, 32 bit) The software was programmed specifically to successfully assess a future race using a huge database of past race information. The program is available as a Free CD or download it here. Optional result and declarations data is sent direct to you via e-mail so you can assess your UK races from anywhere in the world that you have access to e-mail.


Davey Towey's Book 'The Solidus' The horse racing program above was written from Davey Towey's book, under his direction. Is out of print. I had it reprinted once and have no plans of doing that again. The original system is still valid, but all the data and coefficients are more than 20 years out of date.

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